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Myrna with legendary swing dancer
& instructor Frankie Manning!
Random Dance Tips!
By Myrna Caceres
These are general tips which dancers usually get aquainted with after
being in the social dance scene so they are intended more for those
who are just starting out but may serve as reminders
for advanced dancers :)
Personally I love wearing jazz sneakers! My feet has
thanked me many times when it was stepped on, lol.
Dance shoes such as those with suede bottoms are
great as well for social dancing. The best shoes for
social dancing should have a nice glide to get around
the dance floor (mostly wood floors) with ease.  
Whether your going to class wearing casual or great
to always wear clothes that fits comfortable. Nothing
loose that you have to keep adjusting or tight that
you can't even walk in them ;-)
If your an advanced dancer, it's always great to
lead steps steps according to your
partner's dance level. It can be
pretty overwhelming and unpleasant for them if
you throw in steps they are not ready for.
Instead let's help each other grow as dancers :-)
Shoes that can slip off easily like slippers are a
dancer's don't. For swing I definetely do not
recommend heels. There are a lot of jumps in swings
which the feet need to properly land on the floor to
avoid injuries which is better achieved without heels.
Also with heels, you run the risk of seriously injuring
other dancers on the dance floor.
Never take it upon yourself to put baby powder on
1) Some people are allergic to the dust
it leaves behind in the air.
2) May create a slippery floor which someone
can fall & get injured.
3) It can damage very expensive flooring. Instead,
invest in proper dance shoes.
4) Talcum powder is toxic for your lungs!
Your partner will thank you for good hygiene ;)

One example: Not eating breath smelly food such as
garlic before going out dancing.

Another: It's not fun for those who are allergic to
smoking to dance with someone who just smoked. If
you need to smoke please do so at least 1hr. before
partner dancing or better yet.. quit, for your own health
and all around you :)

One more: If you sweat alot, it's good to carry extra
t-shirts for wardrobe change. I know many who do.If
your going from work to dance, always good to carry an
extra shirt along with your dance shoes to change.
I always do :)

Ok, another one, lol: Deodorant is your best friend,
stinky is not.

Was requested to add one more: Please bathe & wear
clean clothes daily. This is a touchy subject nobody
likes to address but needs to be. Nobody likes to dance
with someone who has foul odor especially fearing that
odor may stick on to themselves. It is very unpleasant &
dancing should be nothing but pleasant :-)

Had to add one more:  
Please wash your hands after using the rest room.
This applies to both male & females. You can risk other
people's health (including your own) if you don't.
Everyone will appreciate it.
When attending dance events outside of dance
studios such as those located in restaurants,
please find a suitable place to change your shoes
to be respectful to those who are dining & the
establishment. Also, if you need to change your
shirt, please do so in the restroom.
Let's demonstrate that we dances have class ;-)
Please be careful with your elbows
especially during turns and your nails
safety reasons. I carry a nail file incase
a nail get's chipped before dancing.
This is for leads as well as follows.
Please be kind to your partner. Do not squeeze
your partner's hands, or (for leads) press your
nails while holding your partners back, ouch.
Hold your hands flat against your follows back
and while holding hands have a nice hold
which is comfortable yet flexible for turns.
When taking dance classes, your instructor is your best
resource to tell you if your ready to move up to the
next level so don't feel shy to ask :)
If you move up too soon it will delay your progress as
well as become a disadvantage to those who really
belong in that level.
Please avoid leaning or placing your
hands on mirrors in dance studio walls.

Not pleasant to look at prints left on
them and also can cause damage to it
which are expensive to replace.
Using hand cream before dancing is not a good idea.
Your hands will be slippery therefore you hands may
slip from your partner's hands.
Trying new dance classes via specials offered by
the school is only meant for new dancers to
try classes for the 1st time.
Dance schools has
many expenses to cover. Instructors alone has
many expenses including training for their
classes to offer their students the best training
possible and should be compensated
accordingly for the services provided!

When your new student trial offer is over,
please help support the arts by providing funds
for your dance school via any of their regular
price options.
It will help keep all your favorite
dance classes running and school in business!
If You Are Sick, Please Stay Home.

We will miss you at dance class or events but Do Not want
you to "share the joy."  We will really appreciate your
effort in not getting anyone else sick.
Don't forget to Smile while Dancing :-)
Afterall, it's about sharing these wonderful
art forms that has been passed down from
generations dancing together as one
fabulous dance community :)
At Dance Events:
Always finish the song with one partner
before moving on to the next.
Unless of course you are passing your
partner to another person or your partner is
stolen by another dancer in good fun. :-)
Myrna & her friend Robert Pino
performing:  Lock N' Hustle
A fusion between two
NYC classic dances:
Locking & Hustle(Disco)!
If you are a new student at a class:
While conducting lessons facing the mirror,
please stand in the back. You can follow skilled dancers
that are in front of you if you do not have a
clear view of your instructor.
Otherwise you will confuse others if you are not following well.
If you are attending dance classes that have
(ex.: 4 or 8 weeks per cycle),
please join no later then the second week
unless you have permission from the instructor.
This especially applies to New Dancers.
Otherwise those who are already in session will be
placed in a disadvantage by having to
spend some time reviewing what
you had already missed.

If you still would like to join a class already
in progress, Private Lessons are a great
way to catch up!
Please arrive to class On Time.
Arriving late will:
1) Cause a late start, shortening the lesson
2) If class is in progress, disrupt the lesson
if you are not already familiar with the steps.
Hospital Scrubs & Uniforms:
They are meant to be used only in the hospital, not outside of
the hospital for sanitary & health safety purposes.
Please Do Not wear them to dance classes or events.
Should not be used outside of the
hospital, clinic, etc.. in the first place.  :p
Gum Chewing is a No in Dancing
1) While dancing is a choking hazard.
2) While partner dancing it's not pleasant
for your dance partner.
* Please don't chew gum while dancing.
Please Do Not use your cellphone
in class.
If you need to use it,
please use it outside of the classroom.
At events, please do not answer your cellphone
while dancing.
It lacks respect for your dance partner.
When on the Social Dance Floor,
Only if your partner requests it, or places you in an
unsafe position (such as squeezing hands too tight)
should give them advice outside of a classroom
setting or dance practice session.
Otherwise, "teaching" may place your partner
in an awkward place taking the fun away
from the social dance experience.