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Private Lessons for Single, Couples,
also available upon request.
Inquire within.
Myrna with legendary swing dancer Frankie Manning!
She helped him demonstrate swing dancing during his classes!
They are demonstrating the step called: Pecking!  :)
Video can also be seen at the following link:  Pecking

Swing Dance Class
@ 92nd St. Y

92nd Street Y
92nd Street @Lexington Avenue.
[Lower Level Dance Studio]

The Original Swing Dance
Crash Course!
{Level 1}
Basic - Beginner lessons

Fall 1 Session 2019 starts:
Monday Sept. 9, 2019
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Sold Out!

Classroom: Studio M2
8 Week Course!  $144


Fall 2 Session 2019:
Monday Nov. 11, 2019
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
On Sale Now!

Classroom: TBD
8 Week Course! $144


Classroom Info.: Studio M2
Elevator up to Mezzanine, turn right,
then turn right around the corner
of elevator.
M2 will be on your left!


No experience needed!
Register on your own or better yet..
invite friends to join in the fun!

Register prior to class.
(See instructor in class if you need
assistance registering.)

Registration Link For Beginners!
Register for Absolute Beginner:
92nd Street Y

This is:
Crash Course
by Swing Dance Swing:)

Hustle Dance

New Classes Are Coming!

Basic Hustle Dance Class
with Myrna Caceres
(Classes @ 92Y!)

Pre-Intermediate Hustle Dance
with Myrna Caceres
(Date/Time: (TBD)
Basic level skills needed & instructor's approval!

New Details coming soon!

Tap Dance Classes

Before Swing & Hustle Dance,  Myrna became a tap dancer.
By popular request, private dance classes in Tap Dance
are available! Inquire via email for availability and rates.

Private Dance Classes

Private dance classes are available for individuals, couples,
groups and Special Events in the following:
Swing, Hustle, Tap, Salsa or Blues Dancing.

Private lessons are great way to learn at your own pace, work
on specific steps you like to learn or need extra help with!

Inquire via email for availability and rates.
Subject Heading:
Private Dance Classes
Flyer from our previous dance workshops.
Stay tuned for more Dance Workshops!
Swing Dance SwingPhotos/Videos
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Swing Dance Swing Dance Classes
with Myrna Caceres
Check below for more details!
Myrna with Charles Kelley who is
internationally acclaimed as
The Teacher's Teacher and
Master Tap Dance Instructor!
Myrna's tap dance mentor for many years!

Swing Dance Classes at 92nd St. Y

Swing Level 2 {Beginner @ 92Y}
Beginner - Pre-Intermediate Swing Dance Class!

Fall 2019 Session Starts Mon. Sept. 9, 2019!
Note: No class Mon. 9/30.

Register for:  Beginner  [ Level 2 ]
"Formally called Open level @ 92Y"

Beginner+ skills needed to attend 2nd Level
& instructor's approval.
Join us anytime when class is in session!

[New to swing? Please take the Absolute Beginner
Crash Course to get ready for Open Level = Level 2]

1) Mondays Level 2:  (Ongoing Class!)
NEW Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm   [Studio M2]

2) Level 3: (Ongoing Class)
Time:  Invitation only
(Level 3: Must have intermediate+ skills &
instructor's approval.)

No Need to Pre-Register!
Purchase @ 92Y's box office, Main Floor:
New rates starts sept 2019
* Single Class Card  @ $20
* 10 Class Card @ $180 ($18 per class)
* 20 Class Class Card  @ $330 ($16.50 per class)


Dance Classroom Locations @ 92Y:

NB07, Lower Dance Studio
(Elevator down to lower level,
turn right, straight ahead.)

Classroom: Studio S297
Corridor on main floor to South Side, walk to the end & turn right.
Take elevator to 2nd Fl.
Classroom straight ahead as you exit elevator!

Classroom: Studio M2  
Elevator up to Mezzanine                    
turn right, then turn right around the corner of elevator.
M2 will be on your left!

Students with Intermediate + skills will have a chance
to participate @ 92Y's Adult Student Showcase
in January 2020!
Participation in showcase not required.

Register on your own or invite others to join in the fun!
We will start from basics, master those Swingin' dance
moves & learn more Lindy Hop steps (including Charleston)  
as well as improve your dance frames & techniques.  

Please register prior to class.
(Same day registration available in person at 92Y's Box Office)!

Have trouble registering? Please see Myrna in class :)

Class Card Link for Open Level (Level2)
Prerequisite: Basic Level Class (Level 1)
92nd Street Y
Wedding Couples:
Learn not only choreography
but shine as a Dancer on your Special Day!
Choreography designed for each couple!
For details:
Subject:  Wedding Couple
Please include:
1) Wedding date (approximate ok)  2) Dance experience (or new dancing)
Swing Dance Swing
Dance Team!  
La maestra Myrna Caceres tambien habla Español!

In Loving Memory of
my beautiful friend
Chuck Kelley.

Thank you for not only
being my friend & dance
mentor but for being a
wonderful member of my
extended family! Will do
my best to pass on
your legacy! Love ya!

Dec. 1936 -  Jan. 2017
Check out Dmitry Rimsky and Myrna Caceres'
Salsa Dance Performance!
Click on the Photo!

For Assistance Registering for any of our
Dance Classes at the 92Y,
please contact us directly:
See Myrna during her class at 92Y!

Our Dance Classes
at The 92nd Street Y!
Myrna's self choreographed
Swingy Jazz Dance Performance!  
Click on the Photo!

Swing & Hustle(Disco) Dance Team
Swing Dance Swing!

Intermediate + dance level in Swing:  
Students at our Level 2 level classes at 92Y
will have an opportunity to participate at
92Y's Adult Student Showcase in January 2020
as well as other events!

Advanced + level in Swing:
Currently running as a private class for
past/present students!
:  TBD
Needs Intermediate level skils for this level
& approval of instructor

Hustle (Disco):
@ 92Y!
Stay Tuned for
Special Dance Workshop Classes!

Hustle Dance Classes
Please note:  
You may make-up any classes missed up to one month after
the end of next month's class cycle.
Example: Missed a class on January 10th?
You have until the end of February to make up the class.
For extended leave due to illness/injuries, jury duty, etc.
please contact us & we will work something out for you!
Our Swing & Hustle Dance Classes are based on The Original NYC Based Dances!
Swing Dance (The Lindy Hop/Charleston & East Coast Swing)
* New York Hustle!
Check out our following video for a sample of..
What is NYC's Classic Dance: The Hustle!
(Video features a waldrobe malfuntion finale, lol;)
If you purchased through Coursehorse, then our Refund &
Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you are entitled to a
refund, or have any questions, please contact
Coursehorse here.
Contact us by email:
Or by filling out the following:
First & Last Name:
Email Address:
Dance you like to learn:
Swing Dance Swing's
92Y Fall 2017
Swing Performance
T-Shirts hand painted by Myrna:)

The Original
Hustle (Disco) Crash Course!
{Level 1}
by Swing Dance Swing
@ The 92nd Street Y!

Fall 2 Session: Tuesday Nov. 12, 2019
8 Week Sesion: $144

Note: no class 10/1, 10/8
(Fall 1 session; in progress)
Registration:  On Sale Now!


Classroom: Lower Dance Studio
(Elevator or stairs by elevator
one flight down, turn right.
Classroom is straight ahead!)

No experience or partner needed!
Register on you own or invite
others to join in the groovy fun!

Registration Link for
Absolute Beginner Hustle/Disco:
92nd Street Y
Dance to your
favorite music
from the
Disco 70's
all the way to
modern day Pop,
R&B, Rock & Dance!

Salsa Dance Class
Free program for Older Adults @
BKlyn Public Library!
Taught Swing at this fabulous Special Event!!