Here is what a few clients have to say
about lifesaving skills training with
Myrna Caceres!
I took the course "Standard First Aid/CPR/AED-Adult" in Manhattan with
instructor Myrna Caceres. She did a fantastic job of reinforcing material while
still managing to keep the class entertaining. She was lively, personable,
comical, and most importantly intelligent. She was clearly well versed in the
material she was teaching, and was never caught off guard by any question.
I'd be happy to have her again in the future.

Thank you,
Danielle Doucette
I was an account executive for the Red Cross in Manhattan and booked hundreds
of First Aid and CPR/AED classes in New York City. Myrna was my 'go-to' instructor
because of her thoroughness, engaging personality and professionalism. Many of
my clients requested her for all their classes. I can not recommend Myrna more
highly. If you need First Aid and CPR/AED instruction, you will not find a more
capable instructor.

Bob Estremera
Major Gift Officer (MGO) at The American Red Cross
The training was perfect. Thank you!

Blerta Shtino
Nespresso USA, Inc.
Overall, great feedback for Myrna. Great with
hands on instruction and also reinforcing skills
sets. Great use of real life stories. Really
enjoyed her class.

Amy Landmesser   
Select Equity Group
Thanks, Myrna was fantastic. Engaging, informative, and
otherwise and excellent instructor. Thank you,

Loretta Stahl
Preparedness and Health and Safety Services
In addition to having a great time, we all learned a lot
and are so pleased we did the training. So – thank you!

Sarah-Jayne Johnston
Boots Retail USA, Inc.
I would like to recommend Myrna Caceres. During my tenure of managing Myrna
she was a great asset to American Red Cross in Greater New York and is
continuing to be. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills. She
is extremely well-organized, reliable, can work independently, and able to
perfectly multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner.

Myrna get along with others pretty well and is always willing to offer her
assistance. She always had an excellent rapport with the many constituents we
served by or office, which included clients, employers, and many other
professional organizations. She would be an extremely great asset to any
employer and I sincerely, recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to

Richard Thony
Former Heath & Safety Supervisor at The American Red Cross
CPR & First AId Classes
with Myrna Caceres!
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I have worked with Myrna for a number of years and have to say that
she is an excellent instructor. She is one of those instructors that
you do not come across often. She has a very strong handle on
the materials that she teaches and has a lot of outside knowledge
that is practical and instills confidence in her students.
Myrna has been a constant part of the organization.

She is one of those instructors that has taught for some of our
biggest clients and is often requested. Myrna teaches because she
gets a personal joy and that is what makes her special. I am
confident that Myrna will be an excellent addition to your company
as she is both reliable and effective in her methods.
I recommend her.

Michael Stevens
Health and Safety Administrative Coordinator/Compliance Analyst
at The American Red Cross
Myrna creates a classroom environment that both encourages learning, and
individuality. She ties in both, industry examples, and life experiences to further
reinforce the content discuss. Her varying teaching styles provide a means
for any type of learner to successfully grasp the material.
I would recommend her to anyone in the first aid/first response field looking for
certification and/or re-certification. A pleasure overall, and I look forward
to working with her in the future.

Stephen Henriquez
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