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Swing Dance Swing Events
Myrna with her
Swing Dance Mentor
Legendary Dancer
Frankie Manning!
Myrna assisted Frankie with
his dance classes at
Sandra Cameron Dance
Center where he first started
teaching group dance classes
before teaching the world
NYC's Swing Dance!
The following video features Myrna's first swing dance
choreography which was performed at
Swing Dance Swing's Premier event in November 2005!

Nat Watson who helped Myrna launch Swing Dance Swing
is featured performing with Myrna. They both met while
taking Frankie Manning's swing dance classes!
Frankie Manning 100th Tribute!
Sat. June 14, 2014 at 92Y!
Love the way we are unintentionally color coordinated :)
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We Found A New Venue!
Your support help keeps our dance
community going! See you there!
Full house during our swing dance class before our night of dancing began!