You provide the location, Myrna will provide the training!
Classes for 2 or more students!

Courses currently available directly with Myrna Caceres:
* Adult-CPR/AED
* Pediatric-CPR/AED (Child and/or Infant CPR/AED)  
* First Aid
* First Aid Responding To Emergencies (2 day course)
* Epinephrine Auto-Injector Training
* Babysitter's Training
(Note: CPR and First Aid Courses are also available in Spanish.)

Also available for professional responders:
* CPR-Professional * Basic Life Support (BLS)  


About Myrna Caceres
Since 2007 Myrna has taken pride in teaching life saving skills!
Her biggest reward is hearing back from students who have used
these skills in real life situations to save a life.

Classes she has taught ranged from 1 student to presentations of over
100 attendees. She taught students from all ages and for many clients ranging
from anywhere from home care, schools, security, corporate, law firms
retail, as well as individuals who personally wants to
learn what to do in case of an emergency.

She hopes her students never needs to use these skills in hopes they are
surrounded by healthy folks but just in case the situation arises,
her methods have been proven to give her students enough confidence
to help save a life until advance medical care can take over.

All of her students receive top quality training as she takes teaching
lifesaving skills very seriously while at the same time making the
class enjoyable to help them learn the skills correctly and effectively.


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Subject Heading: (Please provide the CPR and/or First Aid classes requested.)
CPR/ First Aid Classes with Myrna Caceres
Proud Provider of
American Red Cross
First Aid and CPR Courses
What to wear to class

You will be kneeling on the floor as you would
in a real life situation while practicing CPR
and AED skills. Please wear clothes and
shoes that are comfortable.

Please bring something you can use
for your knees while practicing the skills
if you feel you need it for class purpose.
(ex.: knee pad, towel)
Location requirements for Lifesaving skills courses:
* Floor space must be wide enough for students to properly perform
the CPR skills for amount of students signed up for the course.
Epinephrine Trainer
First Aid Training Kit
CPR Keyring Kit ($5)

Be CPR Ready with
a cpr barrier & pair of
medical gloves!
Compact & lightweight!
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AED Trainer
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Proud Provider of
American Safety & Health Institute
First Aid and CPR Courses
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Myrna Caceres
teaches American Red Cross and
American Safety & Health (ASHI)  
Lifesaving Skills for the lay responder to
help assist a victim of sudden illness or
injury with basic life saving skills
including first aid skills & prevention
for themselves
) until advance medical care
is available to give further advanced care.