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Here are what a few dance folks
have to say about Myrna's
dance classes & events! :)
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Myrna is a great dance instructor. She
makes sure that you understand each move
by dancing with each of her students until
the dance step is learnt. Her students
advance to the next level when they are
ready and not before.
Myrna creates a fun environment and you
have a blast dancing.
{Beverly Leung}

Myrna is my favorite dance instructor. She makes  
events a few times a year and I've always had a great
time. The bands she picks for event are first class and
they never fail to get me on the floor.
The events are well organized and well attended by
people who enjoy partner dancing.
{Ireen Ninonuevo}

Myrna was my swing dance teacher. Her ability to make
it fun while teaching some of the most intricate moves
of Lindy Hop and Charleston is by far one of her biggest
assets. She not only wants you to be a good dancer in
the studio but also outside the studio.
We have gone out social dancing a lot outside the class
along with some of the other students; this helped
everybody in the class to feel comfortable dancing in
the social setting and not just in the classroom which is
a major plus for anyone learning to dance. She has
aptitude for understanding students’ needs and where
they need improvement. She has a natural talent of
being a great leader and mentor. She would make a
great addition to any team.
{Ritesh Shah}

I have been taking swing and hustle dance classes with
Myrna on and off for about two years or more.
I can honestly say, each class attended I always learn some
new step or an awareness of doing it with more precision.
I love to take the beginner class over and over because
Myrna has so many new moves; there is always something
still to learn. Even with new students she accurately assist
them through their clumsy awkward start. By the end of the
class they've learn how to dance with a partner doing
several shines. I can see the enthusiasm of
accomplishment on their faces.

Myrna is petite but strong in teaching even some of the
male brawny students how to lead by switching them from
lead to follow then back to lead. This is an opportunity for
them to see how it feels to follow. She gives every student
a sense of comfort. There is much laughter and a feel good
atmosphere plus most of all a safe environment
that foster confidence in dance.
{Lynn Cannady}

You want to learn to dance, have fun, you have two left
feet and you don't know what you are doing? Go to Myrna.
She will make you feel like a rockstar within the hour. She
will never skip the basics, will teach it to you a thousand
times like it's the first, is always smiling and has amazing
energy. She is a great dancer, the best teacher  and in the
end, you will learn to dance and feel very confident doing
so. Her classes are fun, and everyone from all
backgrounds, ages, sizes feel very welcome and there is
no attitude, just great dancing and good fun.
I HIGHLY recommend Myrna for swing and hustle.
{Natasha Challapally}

I cannot speak highly enough about Myrna. The
progress I've made under Myrna's guidance in a few
months that I've been dancing is phenomenal. She
has the ability to simplify the dance steps to make
them easier for the student to understand. Also the
arm positions. Her attitude towards her students is
very respectful and encouraging. Also, she gives
you the confidence to dance outside of
the studio setting.
I would recommend Myrna for anyone who truly
wants to learn the fundamentals of dance.
It's worth the experience.
{Yvonne Marshall}

Myrna is simply the BEST! She is patient, thorough and
creative. She breaks the dance down into very easy to
understand baby steps and encourages you where you need
encouragement. She clearly let's you know what's working
and her faith in everyone helps me believe that I can do it!
She is an excellent teacher and a great coach.
{Irisha Brown}

I've been taking hustle and swing classes with Myrna
dedicated instructor! She is very detail oriented.
Especially at the beginning, Myrna takes time to correct
any mistakes you are making not only in your steps but
also in your frame/posture and resistance. Trust me this
will make you a better dancer in the long run! I admire
how patient she is with all her
students to make sure they get it right.
Myrna is also a CPR/First Aid instructor so she wants to
make sure everyone is dancing safely. She creates a
very fun, friendly and safe dancing environment for
everyone to enjoy her classes. Myrna works really hard
to plan socials, workshops and other events for her
students to have an opportunity to dance outside of
the class and socialize.  I've made new great
friendships in her classes with other students.
{Miriam Net}

I've been taking Myrna's swing dance classes for
about two years. I find Myrna to be an excellent
instructor. I love that she knows the male part equally.
This teaches you both how to dance Swing and both
look good on the dance floor. Myrna the the greatest
instructors. Myrna will continue to inject a refreshing
and much appreciated impetus into the dance world.
Myrna is a trusting
and caring human being.
I couldn't recommend anyone higher.
{Debbee May}

Having had bad experiences with past instructors, and
also having no knack for dancing, Myrna was our
saving grace. She is patient, fun, and always
encouraging us to try new moves. With 4 left feet, and
one of us tone def, we have managed to get a handle
on swing. For two introverts, Myrna has given us the
skills and courage to get out on the town and dance!
From the Jelly Roll to the Susie Q, Myrna knows all
there is to know about swing and about having fun.
{Kelly Connor & Robert Aronov}

Myrna is one of the rare instructors who keeps her
eyes out and dances with each of her students to
ensure they are properly learning material she is
teaching.  If you want to learn to swing and/or hustle
properly and not fudge it, Myrna highly recommend.
{Wave Chan}
Myrna featured with a few of her
dance students during an outdoor
dance event in the summer.
Myrna leading an Improv Swing Dance Performance
at the 92nd Street Y's Street Fest!

Swinging with Myrna is a blast!
She's an enthusiastic and tireless teacher and knows every
move in the books. She's patient and makes everyone feel
welcome regardless of whether you take class by yourself,
with your partner or a friend.
{Debbie Irwin}

I have been taking swing and hustle classes with
favorite teachers. Her passion for teaching and
dancing makes her classes a lots of fun.
During her classes, she made sure that
everyone got the steps before moving onto the
next one. She walked around in the room,
correcting every student's movement and step,
ensuring no student left behind.
I highly recommend  Myrna to anyone who wants
to learn how to dance swing and hustle but
doesn't have any dance experience.
{Jane Chiong}

Myrna was my dance instructor on and off for
several years.She is excellent, her classes are fun
and I learned a lot with her.
{Philippe Foucher}

I’ve had the privilege of taking Swing and Hustle
lessons with Myrna for over a year.  She is an excellent
instructor who breaks down the steps in such a way that
any novice in dancing can understand and execute
them.  Besides, Myrna makes sure that everyone of the
students grasps the class material at the end of the
class cycle.  If not, you will personally feel the need to
repeat if necessary and to take further classes with her.
Myrna will be a valuable asset to anyone who hires her
as a dance instructor or as a partner because she is a
reliable person who can be counted on.
{Serge Pierre-Pierre}

Myrna is a good dance teacher.
Particularly for swing and hustle.
She is helpful and easy to learn from.
She is good about covering the basics, while at the
same time adding on to keep the class progressing
as it is ready to advance. She explains things well
and makes them easy to follow.
Myrna is clearly committed to the dance scene; as
she not only attends many dances,
she organizes and puts on dances also.
{Tom Dowling}

Myrna is a great dance instructor. She is a very attentive
and energetic instructor. I always feel very welcomed
and I always leave learning something new, whether it's a
new step or just perfecting my moves. I always have a
good time at her social events because she always
dances with me and her students.
She makes me feel like a great dancer.
{Madeline Lugo}

Myrna's class challenges you while maintaining a
fun "you got this" approach. She leaves no one
behind, giving each student her attention. I
highly recommend taking her class. She'll make
your inner Diva shine.
{Gale Salazar}

Myrna was my first swing teacher
and now I love swing!
She definitely creates great atmosphere in the
class so that everyone can enjoy dancing!
{Seigo Yokomine}

Myrna is the best. We dance.
We laugh. We learn a lot.
{Robert Summerlin}

Both on a professional & personal level she
is s very artistic, talented, detailed oriented,
rounded person and knows how to bring out
{Karen Swan}

Myrna is a passionate and very sweet dance teacher!
She knows how to positively motivate her students
and encourage them to improve technically while
having fun. I enjoyed so much dancing
during her classes in NYC!
{Eli Sirj}

Myrna is one of the most talented and
charming dance teachers I've had the
pleasure of being taught by!
{Lisa Mahapatra}